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MB Healthcare Consultants Skilled Home Health Policies Awarded ACHC Product Certification

June 28, 2023

EASTON, PA. June 28, 2023 – After a thorough review of its home health policy manual, MB Healthcare Consultants earned ACHC Product Certification. The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC) offers product certification based on a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s ability to meet ACHC standards in administration, operations, fiscal management, human resources, provision of care, quality assurance/performance improvement and risk management.

To earn ACHC Product Certification, MB Healthcare Consultants participated in a rigorous review, like those that agencies experience during the accreditation survey. The review evaluated policy requirements for each ACHC standard.

ACHC Product Certification demonstrates MB Healthcare Consultants compliance with ACHC’s accreditation standards and commitment to operational excellence, patient safety and quality care. This certification also adds value for the MB Healthcare Consultants clients that work with ACHC.

“By achieving certification of its policies, MB Healthcare Consultants has demonstrated its commitment to serving home health providers with high-quality consulting solutions,” said Michael W Brown, President. “Our priority is to support ACHC accreditation customers by providing validation that agency policies are in compliance with ACHC Standards.”

“We are proud to be recognized with ACHC Product Certification and we will continue to work closely with ACHC.” Michael Brown added.

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