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TB Testing, Deadline Approaching

October 23, 2022

TB Testing Deadline Approaching

TB testing compliance can be a challenge in the best of times. Compliance to required health screening, including TB screening, is a very frequent deficiency for home care agencies.

Now, we see COVID-19 waivers come to an end for Pennsylvania agencies. After October 31, 2022, the Department of Health will resume the enforcement of required TB testing and screening of home care employees.

According to Pennsylvania regulations, direct care workers and office staff or contractors who have direct consumer contact must be screened for active mycobacterium tuberculosis (Code ยง 611.56). This testing or screening, which confirms that the employee is free from active TB infection, must be completed prior to consumer contact. The agency must maintain documentation in the employee file demonstrating compliance with the requirements. Additionally, these records must be updated annually, or the home care agency will be non-compliant with the regulations. More information on recommended TB Testing for Health Care Workers can be found here: TB Screening and Testing of Health Care Personnel | TB | CDC

Don’t risk non-compliance to these regulations! Audit the personnel records of staff hired during the pandemic, when COVID-19 waivers were instituted. Assure these personnel have the required testing and/or screening in place. With October 31st looming, agencies may consider using a blood test for TB, such as “QuantiFERON-Gold TB”. This test has a quick turnaround and can help assure compliance.

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