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Client Engagement is the Key to Success in Home Care

August 5, 2022

Client Engagement is the Key to Success in Home Care

Consumerism has come to the home care industry. Clients and families expect coordination of services and excellent communication between all care partners. Recently, we presented on the topic of EVV and the impacts on quality of care. A natural transition from that presentation is the discussion of client engagement and experience using EVV as a tool.

Client Engagement is Key to Satisfaction.

Many agencies monitor and track “client experience” as an important quality metric. Client experience can be impacted using EVV – enhancing the agency relationship with clients and caregivers.

Ways Client Engagement Impacts the Agency.

Ensuring Client Safety in the Home. Agencies must assure that home safety is assessed as part of the initial evaluation for services. Taking steps to assure a safe home environment will improve client retention and satisfaction. Using EVV as a communication tool can drive change and impact outcomes resulting in high client satisfaction.

Improved Staffing and Employee Morale. Engaged clients are happy clients. Caregivers experience a positive working environment, leading to fewer call outs and improved morale. Using EVV enhances the caregiver impact on client care in real time, leading to pride in the services provided.

Improved Client Outcomes. Real-time communication regarding changes in the home, can lead to early interventions and improved client outcomes. Using a “care alert” notification, point of care documentation drives rapid response to identified issues.

The Bottom Line. Improving compliance to the care plan, client satisfaction and caregiver reliability can make a positive impact on the bottom line.

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